Kaisheng Kaineng Party Branch organized a party day activity themed "Learning the New Party Constitution"

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In order to conscientiously study and implement the spirit of the report of the 20th CPC National Congress and better understand the newly revised Constitution of the CPC, Kaisheng Kaineng's Party branch carried out a party day activity themed "Learning the New Constitution" on November 11 and 10.

Under the leadership of Jin Ji, the secretary of the Party branch, we reviewed the background and connotation of the formulation and revision of the Party Constitution, systematically interpreted the new views and conclusions of the Constitution, and the new requirements and tasks put forward by the Constitution for the current grass-roots organizations and members of the Party. We educated and guided all Party members to base themselves on their own posts, learn, abide by, and implement the Constitution, and work with a more firm ideal and faith and a more pragmatic style of work, Achieve the effect of learning with practice, and complete all work. Jin Shuji also stressed that the revision of the Constitution of the Party at the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China is scientific and reasonable. The part of revision and improvement fully reflects the innovation and development of the Party's theoretical system, is an accurate assessment and judgment of the current situation, complies with the requirements of the times, and has an important guiding significance for the future work of our Party and the construction of the Party.

At the end of the activity, Jin Shuji also pointed out that the majority of Party members should further improve their ideological understanding and party spirit cultivation, and constantly improve their ideological and action consciousness of respecting, fearing and abiding by the Party Constitution and rules through independent learning, original literature, systematic learning and benchmarking, so as to practice the "four stresses and four haves" and strive to be qualified Party members.