Kaisheng Kaeneng Party Branch held the oath-taking ceremony for reserve party members

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After the resolution of the party members' meeting on September 27, it was agreed to accept two comrades Tang Tian and Li Jing as the preparatory members of the branch, and the party branch of Kaisheng Kainan held the party members' meeting again on September 30 and held the swearing-in ceremony.

First of all, Tang Tian and Li Jing made a statement respectively, both of them expressed their gratitude to the Party organization for their cultivation, and also expressed that they would further require themselves in strict accordance with the standard of Communist Party members, continuously strengthen political theory study, improve the cultivation of Party spirit, and strive to become a formal Communist Party member as soon as possible with practical actions.

Subsequently, Comrade Jin Ji, secretary of the branch, led all party members to face the party flag, raise their right hands, clench their fists and make a solemn oath, making the most sacred and solemn promise of the communists with a powerful voice. The party flag represents the party, and the oath outlines the party's requirements for party members and the political responsibilities that party members should assume for the party organization and the party's cause.

The oath of party membership is a symbol of the beginning of a party member's political life, and is a very solemn and serious matter. After the oath-taking ceremony, Secretary Jin made a concluding speech. He gave encouragement and support to the joining of the two preparatory party members, and also summarized the recent work of the branch, and gave affirmation to the cohesiveness, organizational strength and effective play of the role of party members. Lastly, Tu Zhengrui, General Manager of Kaisheng Kainan, also spoke highly of the two fresh bloods of the branch, and expressed his affirmation and praise for their work and thoughts, hoping that they would play the pioneering role of party members in the future and fully exude their light and heat in the branch, the company and the society!