The 10500kW waste heat power generation project of Taini (Shaoguan) Cement Co., Ltd. passed the performance test

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The 10500KW waste heat power station based on the 6000t/d new dry cement clinker production line of Taini (Shaoguan) Cement Co., LTD., also recovered waste heat from the cement kiln cylinder to meet the heating demand of the water park, was constructed by Nanjing Kesen Kenen Environment and Energy Co., Ltd, the project successfully passed the 72-hour performance test on December 12, 2021.


Use the waste heat of cement kiln to provide heat for water amusement park

Careful planning and hard work

During the construction of the project, the owner dominated everything by the cement production line, and the waste heat power generation should give way to the cement line. At the same time, under the condition that the waste heat power generation must be put into production simultaneously with the cement clinker production line, the on-site project management team, with the strong support of the company's leaders, overcame many difficulties, carefully organized and scientifically arranged, and on the premise of ensuring safety and quality, hurried the construction period and progress, The performance test was successfully completed from 24:00 on December 9 to 0:00 on December 12, 2021.


Turbine room                                                                                              Steam turbine generator set

Unite to create brilliance

During the performance test, the operators and testers carefully adjusted various operating indicators according to the working conditions of the clinker production line, and timely adjusted the opening of the air valve according to the kiln conditions to ensure that the evaporation rate and pressure loss of the boiler at the kiln head and kiln tail are in the best state. At the same time, the frequency of circulating water pump and the air volume of cooling fan shall be adjusted in time according to the temperature difference of circulating water and the terminal difference of steam turbine by using the temperature difference measured day and night, so as to reduce the auxiliary power consumption rate under the condition of ensuring the optimal vacuum degree of steam turbine, and ensure the power generation capacity and auxiliary power consumption rate per ton of clinker.


Kiln tail boiler                                                                                              Kiln head boiler

Take pains to forge ahead

During the index test, the boiler surface heat loss and boiler thermal efficiency shall be calculated. The boiler surface temperature and ambient temperature shall be measured on site every two hours. The tester shall take pains to make measurement records and silently contribute to the performance test. With the joint efforts of all the test and testing personnel, all the test indicators of 72h are better than the contract requirements, including the generator output power of 9663.9kw/h, which is greater than the test indicator of 8882kw/h; The pressure loss of kiln tail boiler is 30.41mmH ∈ O, which is less than the test index of 80mmH ∈ O; The pressure loss of kiln head boiler is 55.5mmH ∈ O, which is less than the test index of 80mmH ∈ O; The thermal efficiency of the kiln tail boiler is 31.24%, which is better than the test index of 25.58%; The thermal efficiency of kiln head boiler is 79.27%, which is better than the test index of 74.04%.

Supported by various data, it has been recognized by the owner, which adds a significant amount to the brilliant chapter of Kesen.