The waste heat power generation project for 10000T/d clinker production line of Jidong Cement Tongchuan Company passed the performance test

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Recently, the waste heat power generation project for 10000t/d clinker cement production line in the Nanjing Kesen Kenen Jidong Cement Tongchuan Co., Ltd. Huiyuan industrial park successfully completed the performance test.

Tongchuan Jidong Cement Clinker Production Line Project is located in Huiyuan Industrial Park, Yaozhou District, Tongchuan City, Shaanxi Province. It is a world-class and domestic leading clinker cement national demonstration production line with a daily output of 10000 tons of ultra-low energy consumption and ultra-low emissions. Its supporting low-temperature waste heat power generation project uses a kiln head waste heat boiler, two kiln tail waste heat boilers, a water-cooled, condensing steam turbine generator unit, and a waste heat power generation system with three boilers and one unit, The designed power generation is 12580KW, the installation capacity is 15000KW,, the installed power is 15000KW, and the power generation per ton of clinker is 25.17kwh/t. After the completion of the project, industrial Internet big data means will be used to realize unmanned, digital management and operation. There are only 76 actual operators, and the project is listed as "No. 1 Project" by Jinyu Jidong Group.

After Nanjing Kesen Kenen undertook the project with the core technology and strong technical force of cement kiln line co-process waste heat power generation, the leaders attached great importance to it: from design, procurement to construction, NKK has selected some technical experts and organized the project team. Under the condition of tight schedule, heavy task, high standards and strict requirements, the project team organized meticulously, overcame difficulties to complete the waste heat power generation project and successfully connected to the grid with quality and quantity guaranteed, and passed the performance test. All aspects of performance are better than the standards specified in the contract, laying a good foundation for the follow-up cooperation between Nanjing Kesen

Kenen and Jinyu Jidong Group.

This project is another monument built by NKK in the process of realizing the "low-carbon, efficient and green dream" based on the overall planning of safety, environmental protection, energy conservation, efficiency and intelligence, and also sets a new development model for the local regional carbon peak and carbon neutralization.


AQC boiler                                                            PH boiler




  Panorama of Tongchuan Jidong 10000t/d Cement Line and Waste Heat Power Generation Project




  Tongchuan Jidong Waste Heat Power Generation Main Building




  Central Control Room