Fuping Kesen Kenen Environment and Energy Co., Ltd delivered power in October and its power supply exceeded 10 million kWh for the first time

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In October 2022, Fuping Kesen Company has completed the monthly power generation: 10.7436 million kWh, power supply: 10.424 million kWh, and the first monthly power generation and power supply will exceed 10 million kWh.




Since March 2022, Fuping Kesen's 18 MW pure low-temperature waste heat power station has been connected to the grid for power generation, with a cumulative power generation of 63.1 million kWh and power supply of 58.3 million kWh. Equivalent to 19000 tons of standard coal saved and 57000 tons of carbon dioxide emission reduction.




Fuping Kesen Company combines the raw material mill, coal mill, slag mill of the cement kiln system with the waste heat power generation system from the perspective of system heat balance by strengthening site management, optimizing process operation, and maximizing the use of hot air for the power generation system while ensuring the safe and stable operation of the system. Under the same rated working conditions, maximize the utilization rate of waste gas heat energy at kiln tail and kiln head, and realize mutual benefit and win-win of kiln system and power generation system.




All employees of Fuping Kesen will also strengthen learning in the utilization and improvement of heat energy, implement the national "double carbon" policy with practical actions, adhere to the corporate strategy of "green low carbon, energy conservation and emission reduction", and write a good chapter for the development of the enterprise. (Li Rui)