Cemex reports higher alternative fuels rate in 2014 sustainability report

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Mexico: Cemex has presented the results of its sustainable development report from 2014, stressing that it has responded to growing challenges in urban development, while highlighting the need for investments in long-lasting infrastructure, energy-efficient buildings and accessible housing.

Cemex's achievements include 600 infrastructure projects, amounting to more than 8Mm2 of concrete for motorways, runways and streets in 14 countries, while it contributed towards the construction of 3150 affordable homes, covering more than 180,000m2 in 12 nations. Since 1998, Cemex social programmes, including Patrimonio Hoy, ConstruApoyo and Centros Productivos de Autoempleo, have benefited more than 7m people, including 550,000 families. In 2014, Cemex substituted about 28% of its fuels for alternative fuels. Cemex also avoided the emission of more than 8Mt of CO2 and lowered worker accident rates by 33%, as well as contract worker accidents by 23%, during 2014.