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April 2015, the initial issue of internal periodical namedof Nanjing Kesen Kenen Environment & Energy Co.,ltd(NKK) has been officially published. Our general manager Mr. Jiyuan Song and deputy general manager Mr. Bincai Hou who were appointed as honorary director and director of editorial committee respectively, congratulated warmly for the issuance.

Our general manager Mr. Jiyuan Song has written the inaugural statement for the periodical, in which he reviewed the past ten years development of NKK since its establishment, and pointed out that our further development should still focus on the technological innovation to make our company as the world-class technology-based engineering company in the energy conservation and environmental field. Our deputy general manager Mr. Bincai Hou has made his wishes in the preface telling every colleague to keep on studying and accumulating skills, be not afraid of setbacks and failures, and try to become a proficient-in-technology person.

Theis a semiannual periodical, the objective of which is to summarize successful experience, discuss failed projects, fully use and pass on all successful experience in the further development. Relying on the ; aiming for ‘accumulating technology knowledge, sharing technology information, communicating with experience and expanding vision’; considering main business as the key development, the periodical included three portions which were ‘Market Outlook, engineering & technology, project management’ were worth reading.