The AQC boiler with settling chamber

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The main role of AQC boiler:

(1) production of superheated steam, for steam turbine to generate electricit

(2) water supply for SP furnace

AQC boiler structure:

(1) the AQC boiler at the kiln head grate cooler, absorption of kiln head waste gas waste heat, its export exhaust temperature control at 80 ℃, 95 ℃, boiler using natural ventilation dust, bring their own at the bottom of the settling chamber, but next time do not know on economizer, evaporator and superheater, etc.

the form of kiln head boiler is the patent of NKK.

(3) the flue gas flow from top to bottom to flow from bottom to top, reduce the flow velocity in the flue gas kiln head again waste heat boiler, waste gas of carrying dust particles in the process of rising, inertial force and kerry's own gravity whereabouts to the hopper, effectively reduce the kiln head of waste heat boiler heating surface of windward side of formation, colleagues to reduce dust particles on the impact of the boiler heating surface wear.

(4) Cancel the external type settling chamber, reduces the system resistance and the heat loss, save decorate venues.

(5) Kiln head at the entrance of waste heat boiler set up 2-4 flow guide device, and row "false tube" false tube arrangement can effectively prevent the front surface caused by exhaust gas scouring abrasion.

(6) the structure of the kiln head due to eliminate the sedimentation chamber of boiler and related smoke wind pipe, thus can improve the import of boiler smoke temperature 10 to 15 ℃, the cooling area is greatly reduced. Also reduced the whole boiler system on 500 pa resistance, so the kiln head conforms to significantly reduce exhaust fan.

5500t/dClinker production line AQC boiler capacity comparison
blast capacityNm3/h wind-warm syndrome℃ generating capacitykW
1 With the external type settling chamber 200000 360 3480
2 Patent kiln head boiler 200000 380 3883
3 Patent kiln head to save power consumption kW boiler

4 More than sup