Sintering flue gas and sinter sensible heat recovery power generation technology

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In iron and steel production process, the energy consumption of sintering process energy consumption accounted for about 9-12%, second only to ironmaking, fear of a second. The energy consumption in sintering process, more than 50% of heat energy in the form of sintering flue gas and the sensible heat of the cooling gas into the atmosphere.

The sintering process of waste heat recovery are mainly of two parts

(1) in the coolant temperature exhaust gas temperature is 350-420 ℃, accounting for about 29% of the total heat into the sintering process of sinter cooling gas sensible heat.

Corrects the bellows (2) in the high temperature period of discharge of waste gas temperature is 300-400 ℃, accounts for about 24% of the total heat into sintering flue gas sensible heat.

Flue gas by the cooling machine high temperature raises, high and low temperature exhaust gas combined all the way into the cooling pipe waste heat boiler, exhaust gas after heat exchange through afterwinds recirculation technology back to the cooler, circulating cooling.

Cooling waste heat boiler with double pressure system, the vertical structure of natural circulation, superheater, evaporator and economizer adopts spiral finned tube; Cooling waste heat boiler bottom public economizer, waste heat boiler feed water, respectively, to the cooling of waste heat boiler and sintering waste heat boiler economizer.