Converter saturated steam power generation technology

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In bof steelmaking process of iron in water yuan severe oxidation reaction occurs, such as carbon produce large amount of gases such as CO, together with the other gas, high temperature flue gas furnace outlet flue gas temperature as high as 1400-1600 ℃ (not law), it is rich in a large number of secondary energy, including the converter flue gas of physical heat and the chemical energy of the converter gas.

Steelmaking converter adopt the intermittent operation mode, in practice during blowing converter produces a large number of main ingredients for high temperature flue gas CO, smelting in intermittent period, gradually reduce the degree of furnace temperature and smoke volume, the parameters of the volatile
Through gasification cooling flue and steam heat storage system and recovery of converter steelmaking process of a large number of high temperature furnace flue gas waste heat, pressure and flow is relatively stable of saturated steam, steam turbine power generation
By engineering capacity of 120 t converter as an example, the tap-to-tap time average steam production rate of about 17.85 t/h, steam pressure of 0.8 Mpa (saturation), waste heat power generation system installed capacity is 3000 kw, annual output can reach 15 million kWh