The converter flue gas waste heat power generation and dry gas recycling technology

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At present, the steel industry mainly by wet method (OG) purification recovery of converter gas, OG method exists the following disadvantages: dust purification efficiency is not high; High system resistance and high energy consumption; Large secondary pollution and sewage treatment system, operation, management and maintenance cost is high.
Technical features: practice period in steelmaking converter blowing, the gasification cooling flue of the converter flue gas after heat exchange, after preliminary purification high temperature heating heat carrier (about 550 ℃), through a heat transfer medium heat storage full recovery of flue gas waste heat; In steelmaking converter blowing practice period, use of high temperature heat carrier saving heat heating hold up saturated steam produced by the regenerator, guarantee the stable operation of power system.
Maximize the use of converter steelmaking process of flue gas waste heat and converter gas (rich in gas resources) to generate power, improve steam production and steam parameters, can improve the converter flue gas waste heat, converter gas recovery efficiency, increase capacity, reduce the energy consumption of steel production.
At the same time it will not bring problem of secondary pollution and sewage treatment, and after purification, the converter gas dust content is low (xiao yu 10 mg/Nm3), recycling of dust can be directly reused.