The 2009 annual top 100 cement clinker production enterprises finally emerged

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With the attention of parties, the annual top 100 new dry cement clinker production enterprises finally emerged according to the statistics of national ranking from the China Cement Net. (SEE TOPIC: LIST OF TOP 100 CEMENT CLINKER PRODUCTION ENTERPRISES)
According to the statistics, the clinker production of enterprises is increasing, but the growth speed is relatively slowing down.
After the big integration, the productivity of Southern Cement has become increasingly close to that of Conch Cement; China National Materials Group Corporation benefit from the acquisition of Qilian Mountain, Gansu, as a result, ranked eighth by the year 2008, jumped to sixth.
Ranking descriptions:
1. The statistics about all as-built new dry cement clinker production without grinding station and other kiln production is up to December 31, 2009.
2. The design production is calculated by new dry cement production; the large-scale technical improvement production line is calculated by the production after the improvement; the productivity among 4500-5000t/d will be calculated as 5000t/d; the operation duration will be calculated as 310 days.
3. Taiwan-funded enterprises, such as Taiwan Cement and Asia Cement, including their productivities in Taiwan area.
4. China National Materials Group Corporation included Tian Mountain, Horse race and Qilian Mountain etc.. Southern Cement included the purchased productivities of Three Lions, Tiger Mountain, etc..
5. If the enterprises with the same scale, they are ranked by Pinyin sequence of the letters.
 (Reprinted From the China Cement Net)