The design guidelines for WHR power generation

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 The design guidelines of WHR power generation:
(1)    Make full use of waste heat under the premise of without affecting the cement production.
(2) In technical program, we should consider recycling and making use of waste heat from AQC clinker cooler and SP preheater of the cement production line; there will be a suitable middle outlet of the cooler which can make the waste wind to be recycled again.
(3)    Under the premise of reliable production, we advocate advanced technology. That means, we will adopt advanced process (thermal system) technical program as possible as we can to reduce the operation costs and the input of rebuilding civil works.
(4)    We will adopt mature and reliable process and equipment on the basis of dependable production to solve the problems in the projects which belong to the same type and scale.
(5)    The process control of the main and auxiliary plants in the WHR power station adopts distributed computer control system.