Our Technology Advantages

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Technology advantages:
(1) We have professional consulting qualification which enables us have the right to draw up project proposal and feasible study report;
(2)The professional thermal qualification and specialized technical personnel can assume variety kinds of cement production lines.
(3) We have electric engineering B-level design qualification which is mandatory required in electric engineering design industry.
(4) We have engineering design performances which had been put into operation and a technical team with full experience in design that:
     (4.1) can provide with accurate technology specifications of waste heat boilers and steam turbine generators.
     (4.2) can assist local Electricity sector to complete the program design of access system.
     (4.3) can complete the basic engineering design of construction accurately and can also draw up the project budget with a reference value.
     (4.4) can complete the construction design work strictly and quickly and can undertake the service job on site.
     (4.5) can supply sets of equipment as the owner required which can not only speed up the progress of the engineering design, but also can reduce the procurement costs of plants.
     (4.6) have a complete technology service cooperation syste
     (4.7) can offer the training services to the station operation, administration and technical personnel.
     (4.8) can provide with some technical personnel who have plentiful similar construction and management experience to assist to do the installation work.
     (4.9) can provide with some technical personnel who have plentiful similar commissioning and trail operation experience to assist the work of commissioning sector.
     (4.10) can train the operators on the power station and simulate to deal with common problems