The development and application of cement kiln WHR power generation system

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 The cement kiln WHR power generation system we developed can surely determine the air flow of waste heat in the middle of clinker cooler and the position where to get air. We set up a public superheater to heat the superheated steam in different temperature respectively from AQC boiler and SP boiler and to improve the temperature of main steam. Through making cascade use of waste heat resources, it can increase the power generation of the system and can improve the utilization efficiency of system’s waste heat resources. Meanwhile, it adopts the technology making use of waste air again and sends a part of waste gas of AQC exhaust blower to the cooling fan in the middle of clinker cooler which can further improve the flow rate and temperature in the middle of clinker cooler, at the same time, it can increase the utilization efficiency.

Main technical indexes:
The superheated temperature of the main steam         no less than 160
The total efficiency of the power generation                  no less than 23%
Operation rate                                                                95%-98%
Power generation of the clinker per ton                         3842kWh/ (clinker heat consumption is less than 3140kJ/, power consumption is less than 60kWh/