The development of AQC boiler of cement kiln

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Instead of the traditional structure which set the waste gas inlet of boiler on the top and the outlet in the bottom, the inlet will be put under the boiler room and the outlet on the top, meanwhile, a settlement room will be set in the bottom of the boilers in place of putting it outside independently as original system. Also, the superheating equipment on top of settlement room can make use of waste heat according to the temperature to increase the main steam temperature and enhance the working capacity of turbine expansion. In front of heating surfaces of AQC boiler, there are diversion and uniform flow equipment and wear-proof ‘’false pipes” to protect the heat exchange pipes from abrasion.

Innovations of the AQC boiler:
Inside the AQC boiler, waste gas flowing from bottom to top which can reduce the flow speed of waste gas in AQC boiler. Then, the dust particles carried by waste gas will fall into ash hopper to separate dust particles in the process of rising because of the mass-force and its gravity, also for the rising speed is gradually decline. At the same time, it can reduce dust and the impact wear in windward side of heating surfaces of boiler.
AQC boiler and dust particles separate equipment integrated without the settlement room in the outside and simplified the flue gas pipelines which reduced areas and the preliminary investment costs.
Cancel the outside settlement room of AQC boiler, instead, AQC boiler with own settlement room will be used which can reduce the hindrance of the whole system to less than 800Pa. There is no need to rebuild AQC exhaust fans and to increase the power consumption, so that can lower the operation costs.
There are 2-4 rows of wear-proof “false pipes” at the inlet of AQC boiler which can prevent the front heating surfaces from wearing caused by brush of waste gas.
The main technical indexes:

Resistance of AQC boiler
Less than 800Pa
Separation efficiency of dust particles
No less than 70%
Wearing of heating surfaces
Heat exchange efficiency of AQC boiler
No less than 98%