WHR Project for Kunming Steel Hongfeng Co. Passing the Performance Guarantee Test

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The 72 hours Performance Guarantee Test of 4.5 MW Waste Heat Recovery Power Plant supplied by Nanjing Kesen Kenen Environment & Energy Co.,Ltd, for 2000t/d cement production line of Eshan Hongfeng Building Materials Co., LTD, the subsidiary of Kunming steel group, has been carried out and passed at 9:00 am on 17th May 2015.

Kesen Kenen was responsible for the work of design, equipment supplying, installation supervision and commissioning for the complete EPC turn-key project. The generator output exceeded the guarantee values, received high appraisal from the owner, who also sent the Letter of Thanks to us.

During the construction period, our team members overcame many difficulties of high altitude anoxia, big difference in temperature and lack of resources, tried to improve the project quality and completed the construction work successfully. It fully demonstrated the excellent executive capacity of Kesen Kenen when the project was successfully handed over to the owner, which deepened the cooperation relationship between Kunming steel group and our company.