TRT blast furnace gas pressure use

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The Blast furnace Gas furnace Top pressure turbine power generation system, Blast Furenace Top Gas Recovery Truibine (TRT). It is using the gas pressure by the gas turbine is converted into mechanical energy, again through the generator set to mechanical energy into electricity eventually; TRT system (blast furnace) in parallel with the pressure reducing valve group, namely by the blast furnace gas through calm leaf automatic regulating control, gas to gas after the TRT competent network; When the turbine downtime or no load operation, control of top pressure with a pressure reducing valve group

The technical characteristics of TRT system:

(1) the device does not consume any fuel power generation process, do not produce environmental pollution;

(2) does not change the quality of the original blast furnace gas;

(3) improve the blast furnace with a team under pressure blast furnace gas pressure reducing valve, pressure reducing valve group as backup, reduces the noise, to purify the gas at the same time, improve the operating environment of the blast furnace;

(4) the cost is low, the economic benefit is remarkable

With 2 x 450 m3 blast furnace as an example, the single do amount of blast furnace gas is about 13 x 104 nm3 / h, the temperature of 180 ℃, the turbine inlet pressure of 130 kpa, turbine outlet pressure 15-20 kpa, if using the binary drag a common type of blast furnace gas pressure expansion turbine installation way of turbine generator set of installed capacity of up to 5000 kw, annual output can reach 2700 kWh