Cement waste heat power generation technology system

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Since most of the above has been put into operation the cement line heat taken from the kiln head in 360-400 ℃, even higher. Single preheater level 1 tube outlet temperature below 300 ℃ system (the six levels of preheater system), using the preheater of low temperature waste heat boiler superheated steam (typically below 280 ℃) into the kiln head waste heat boiler. In setting a kiln head waste heat boiler high temperature superheater, the steam mixed (from the kiln head, preheater waste heat boiler of low temperature of superheated steam) further heated to 340-380 ℃ higher than that of the original mixed steam (50 to 60 ℃), and then enter the turbine to generate electricity. The process a general system improve the heating power 5-8%.