MIIT: Far less than 500 million tons of cement were eliminated in three years

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On 28th, people of MIIT showed the reporter that the government once planned to eliminate 500 million tons of cement, but after many discreet calculations, the eliminating number is far less than 500 million.
In that evening, the person revealed in an informal occasion that, last year, the State Council issued a document—《Several Comments About Restraining The Overcapacity And Avoid Building Redundant Projects In Some Industries And Guide The Healthy Development Of Industry》, among which proposed that the measure of new cement projects are not allowed to start after the end of September last year is not implemented well.
He also pointed out that some enterprises were affected by this measure and delayed their project construction. Influenced by the 38 files, the new cement factory invested in North of Guangdong by Taiwan Cement and the new cement grinding station in Dongguan, Guangdong will be delayed for the construction which involves nearly 10 million tons of cement production.
The former statistics from NDRC show that in 2008, China's cement production was 1.87 billion tons including 1.1 billion tons of dry cement, 270 million tons of special cement and Grinding Station production and 500 million tons of backward production. However, in the next 3 years (2010-2012), the backward productivities will be thoroughly eliminated.

(Reprinted From the China Cement Net)