Another BOT WHR power generation project has been put into operation

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After our first BOT project, which was co-operated with AnHui DaJiang Co., Ltd. had been put into operation in April, 2009, the second BOT project—AnHui Triumph KaiNeng (Chaohu) WHR Power Geneeration Co., Ltd. with 7.5MW has been put into operation successfully on Mar 28th, 2010. This project was cooperated with AnHui TiePeng Seal cement Co., Ltd..
In the project, AnHui TiePeng Seal Cement Co., Ltd. provided us with the waste heat exhausted from a 2500+1500t/d cement clinker production line, and then our company invested 48 million RMB building a WHR power generation system. At the same time, we established the wholly owned subsidiary, namely, AnHui Triumph KaiNeng (Chaohu) WHR Power Geneeration Co., Ltd. which will responsible for the operation of AnHui TiePeng. The whole produced electricity will be sold to TiePeng for their own use in a preferential price.  
After putting into operation, the annual power generation can reach to more than 5000 million kWh, and the annual saving is about 20 thousand tons of standard coal which can also reduce carbon dioxide emissions for nearly 50,000 tons.
We plans to invest 2-3 billion and make full use of the exhausted waste heat and residual pressure, then co-operate with relevant construction materials, steel, chemicals and nonferrous metals producers to choose and invest 2-3 BOO, BOT or EMC projects per year.