Corporate Culture

High tech companies engaged in energy conservation and environmental protection and new energy technology development, technical transformation, engineering consulting, engineering design, general contracting, investment and operation, core product manufacturing, after-sales value-added services and other businesses


Company Vision

Build an international first-class energy-saving and environmental protection engineering company.


Company mission

Low carbon, high efficiency, green dream, create maximum value for customers and create a better life for employees.


Company Values

Customers: customer-centric, customers are our forever friends.

Employees: Take the enterprise as the center, and employees are our permanent family members.

Team: Focusing on goals, coordination is our eternal melody.


Technical Service

Enterprise philosophy: work hard and forge ahead.

Professional focus, tenacity and pioneering, owing what others do not 
have and owing what better than others: professional focus, tenacious development, no one I have, I am strong.

Life philosophy: integrity, tolerance and courage to take responsibility.

Reward concept: No pains, no gains. Blessing will be rewarded for taking responsibility: pay for what you have, and take responsibility for what you have.

Promotion concept: take the initiative to learn and constantly improve to make life more exciting.