Industrial waste heat application

Kesen Kenen, as a comprehensive solution expert for waste heat comprehensive utilization in high energy consumption industries, covers engineering design, EP of engineering equipment, EPC, operation and other full-life cycle engineering technical services; Kesen Kenen adheres to technical innovation, and the industrial waste heat power generation technology has developed from "1st generation single pressure" to the current "3rd generation intermediate reheating", with the power generation efficiency increased by 8~10%.Relying on the international leading technology R&D capability and perfect technical service system, Kesen Kenen has become the main international exporter of waste heat power generation projects from China. Its products are exported to more than ten countries, including India, Poland, Türkiye, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. So far, it has contracted to build more than 300 domestic and foreign industrial waste heat power generation projects, creating huge economic and environmental benefits for the society.

Technology application industries

Building materials industries: cement kiln, glass kiln

Iron and steel metallurgy industries: sintering, rich gas, saturated steam, ferroalloy, etc

Chemical industries: saturated steam

Organic Rankine 
Cycle (ORC) power generation (organic working medium)
: fluid, geothermal and solar energy above 80 ℃